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Indoor Baseball Training Facility

Trek Athletics is the Premier indoor baseball training facility in Lincoln, NE. Trek provides private lessons, camps, and team training programs. The 7,000 square-foot indoor baseball space provides practice facilities, professional instructions, and other services to help players of all ages and abilities.

  • 4 75-foot hitting bays & Infield
  • Hack Attack Machines
  • Dedictated pitcher training space
  • Personal Trainers & Nutritionists
  • Full Weight Room with Sleds, Jump Boxes & a Med-Ball wall
  • Athletes & Coaches dedictated to High Performance


Responsive Team Profiles

Josh Scheffert

Baseball & Performance

Responsive Team Profiles

Brandon Doty


Responsive Team Profiles

Cassie Hand

Basketball & Performance

Responsive Team Profiles

Eli Schmit


Responsive Team Profiles

Jay Omar


Responsive Team Profiles

Jackson Carter


Responsive Team Profiles

Melissa Martinez


Responsive Team Profiles

Jae Ellis

Strength & Conditioning


Looking for indoor baseball practice space? Trek Athletics is open for teams needing space for a complete practice or individuals needing a single hitting bay. Call for availability or submit the Contact Form and we will contact you.

Individual Tunnel Rental


$20 per 1/2 Hour, $30 per 1 Hour

Field Area Team Rental


$80 per 1/2 Hour, $120 per 1 Hour


Trek Athletics offers athletes memberships to use a bay or the gym on their own time. Take full advantage of the training room, med ball wall and pitching machines.

All members must reserve their timeslots prior to coming in. During the winter months November-March, we have weekday evenings typically booked by teams so bays are not available. However members can still use the lifting area during this time. Weekends are more open but do have some teams renting the bays. Prior to reserving a bay please check the calendar for an updated view of what's available.

Memberships are for individual use only. You are not allowed to bring friends in with your membership. With the exception of bringing in a catcher to help throw a bullpen. Failure to comply will result in terminmation of your membership, without refund.

Get Started with a membership.

Student Athletes


$50 paid monthly, $550 paid annually

  • Use of hitting tunnels.
  • Use of pitching bay (must provide your own catcher).
  • Use of the weight room.
  • Member must reserve times in advance.
Optional Services
  • Lifting plan - $100 per year
  • Nutrition plan - $100 per year
  • Virtual Instruction - $25 per month
  • Add on lesson for discounted rate - $5 off each lesson

Baseball & Softball Training

To schedule training with one of our instructors, complete the Contact Form or call/text us at 402-525-9407. Include the type of lesson you are interested in, your preferred instructor, and the date/time you would like. We will respond to your request with a confirmation email.

Indoor Facility Safety Rules


  • No Cleats
  • No Spitting or Nose Clearing
  • No Food of ANY kind
  • No Gum, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy
  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas, juices or other beverages
  • No Tobacco Products of Any Kind
  • No Chairs, Sharp Objects, or High Heeled Shoes
  • No Jewelry and No Belts/Clothing with Sharp Edges


  • Facility Waiver & Liability Release must be signed by participants and where necessary their guardians/ parents prior to use.
  • Participants must wear adequate protective gear appropriate for their sport including batting helmets for both BP pitchers and hitters.
  • Pitchers during live BP must always use a protective pitching screen for safety.
  • For sports besides baseball or softball, use of the cage and protective measures must be approved in advance by Trek Athletics Staff
  • Coaches with athletes using the cage must supervise other athletes under their direction that are elsewhere in the facility.
  • Batting practice/swinging of bats must only take place in the cage.